The AirBubbl is an in-car air cleaner that filters polluted air while you are driving.

Drivers and passengers are protected by seat belts and air bags, but not from air pollution. Yet, inside the vehicle pollution can be up to 2.5x the levels outside. AirBubbl cleans the air inside your vehicle, making it safe for all who travel in it.

Removing up to 95% of harmful NO2 and PM2.5, the AirBubbl can be easily fitted to commercial and personal vehicles, delivering truly clean air to drivers and passengers.

Why Is Air Pollution Such a Major Health Issue?

The air quality in many streets in our cities is very poor, mostly caused by exhaust fumes from road transport. In many places, Particulate Matter (PM) and gaseous pollutants such as Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Ozone far exceed the exposure limits deemed safe by the WHO*. These pollutants cause harm to the health of people. Pollutants do not only stay behind in your lungs, but they also enter the bloodstream and are dispersed throughout the body getting into all vital organs. Some of the consequences of air pollution include:-Development of stroke and heart disease and aggravate existing heart conditions.-Severely impacts asthma symptoms, increases the likelihood of an attack and increases the risk of lung cancer.-It can enter reproductive organs and even get through to unborn children.

But Cars Have Air Filters, So The Air Inside Should Be Clean, Right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Standard car filters are not able to protect against gas pollutants. They have some effect on particulate matter, but a test programme conducted by international test laboratory Emissions Analytics on 11 types of cars showed that in many cars only 35-40% of PM is removed. This means that often the air pollution level inside the car is many times higher than the safety limits specified by the WHO*

So How does AirBubbl Help?

The unique combination of our patented carbon nano filter and high grade particle filter, together with our patented air flow technology means the AirBubble is able to remove both harmful particulate matter and gases in minutes. Pollen, bacteria, exhaust particles, fine dust and microfibres are all removed along with harmful gases NO2, Ozone and VOC’s and clean air is delivered directly to the driver and passengers.

REMOVE TOXIC GASES and make the air in your vehicle easier to breathe


I purchased the airbubbl a few weeks ago. So far, it’s been a very pleasant surprise. Easy to set up and easy to use. I’ve been looking for a product of this kind for a while. The more news I read about pollution and the impact it has on health, the more worried I became. I’m happy that this is working. Hopefully they come up with a similar product for my house.

Elaine Delle

4th November 2019

I used to have headaches every evening after my 30min driving commute. I read somewhere that it could be triggered by pollution which is pretty bad in London. From the first day I used the Airbubbl my headache disappear. I can’t believe what a difference has this made in my life! Highly recommended.

Daniel Armand

5th November 2019

The worst thing that could happen to my twins was heavy traffic. Since they were 3 years old, from one day to another, they started suffering from asthma. After using AIRBUBBL for 7 months, they are happier, and they don’t complain about visiting grandpa. Heavy traffic was not the problem, it was the dirty air they were breathing.

Maddie Abinuman

15th October 2019

This is the best accessory I’ve bought for my car. It was super easy to install and it looks pretty neat. My two kids want to sit in front of the Airbubble. I really feel the air we breathe in the car is cleaner. I wonder if it works indoor as well …

Sarai Murphy

30th September 2019
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