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ALABAMA351862-3 days
ALASKA995013-5 days
ARIZONA852542-3 days
ARKANSAS722112-3 days
CALIFORNIA917392-3 days
COLORADO804032-3 days
CONNECTICUT61182-3 days
DELWARE198102-3 days
FLORIDA334292-3 days
GEORGIA300932-3 days
HAWAII967683-5 days
IDAHO836463-5 days
ILLINOIS610083-5 days
INDIANA463603-5 days
IOWA500362-3 days
KANSAS660493-5 days
KENTUCKY427543-5 days
LOUISIANA701232-3 days
MAINE44443-5 days
MARYLAND209062-3 days
MICHIGAN480442-3 days
MINNESOTA557213-5 days
MISSISSIPPI386332-3 days
MISSOURI654863-5 days
MONTANA594053-5 days
NEBRASKA680023-5 days
NEVADA891312-3 days
NEW HAMPSHIRE32842-3 days
NEW JERSEY87312-3 days
NEW MEXICO880613-5 days
NEW YORK140013-5 days
NORTH CAROLINA278233-5 days
NORTH DAKOTA581033-5 days
OHIO458402-3 days
OKLAHOMA745543-5 days
OREGON972292-3 days
PENNSYLVANIA179602-3 days
RHODE ISLAND28303-5 days
SOUTH CAROLINA296732-3 days
SOUTH DAKOTA573693-5 days
TENNESSEE372162-3 days
TEXAS750252-3 days
UTAH840432-3 days
VERMONT52623-5 days
VIRGINIA240602-3 days
WASHINGTON98115 2-3 days
WEST VIRGINIA983382-3 days
WISCONSIN531512-3 days
WYOMING820013-5 days

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