Nano Carbon Filter

The worlds first filter that cleans particulate matter and toxic gases. A unique clean air technology developed by world class scientists at Airlabs’ research facilities in Copenhagen, Denmark. The filters are manufactured under strict conditions and using patented techniques



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Filter FAQ

How long does the filter last?

The filter will last around half a year depending on usage. The app will keep count for you and remind you in time to replace the filter. After the filter lifetime is reached, it will not absorb toxic gases in your car anymore. Therefore, we highly recommend to exchange the filter when it’s time so that you stay healthy.

A replacement filter costs £39.99.

You can just dispose it in your regular household waste. While air pollution is airborne in your car, it is toxic. But once it is on our filter, it is trapped and harmless.

Our nano carbon filter is our own creation and brainchild. We spent several years in research and development to get a product that satisfied us and hopefully you too. Our unique filter is based on patented technology that takes out particles like dust, pollen and soot, and gases like nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone, and VOCs. The filter’s performance is unparalleled and we are proud to share it with you.