The Airbubbl is an in-car air purifier that cleans the air while you are driving.

Many people feel protected inside their cars: protected by their seat belts, airbags or driving assistants. However, What many people do not realise is that they are not protected from air pollution inside the car.

Parents & Carers

Children who grow up in areas that have high levels of air pollution are at risk for damaged lungs and breathing problems later on in life. The development and growth of a child’s lung does not occur until long after they are born.

A statewide nested case–control study of preterm birth and air pollution by Source and Composition in California found that women who were exposed to low to high levels of particle pollution had higher risk for preterm birth and low birth weight. Statistics and data like this show that air pollution has such a powerful impact, that it can even damage the health of a baby before it even enters the world and takes its first breath.

Once a child is born, it becomes much more vulnerable to the polluted air it is surrounded by. With their small size, infants and young children breathe in more air each minute than the average adult. Eventually, this can take a toll on the child’s health even more. According to the British Lung Foundation, exposure to polluted air can cause wheezing and coughing and an easier development of infections like pneumonia. In addition, it can cause the development of asthma, lung-failure or even lung cancer as an adult.

According to UNICEF UK and the Queen Mary University, children are exposed to 60% of their daily air pollution intake while on their journey to school or while they are at school.

As well, UNICEF reports that almost 300 million children around the world are exposed to toxic levels of outdoor air pollution. A study was conducted at the Holborn primary school in London by the Swedish company BlueAir after a concerned parent of a student reached out to them. It was found that all of the classrooms exceeded external World Health Organization guidelines for PM10, which is one of the most dangerous pollutants found in the air. It is known that the air in large populated cities, such as London, are polluted. However, it can be easy to forget that when your child is with you in the car on their way to school, that they are still not out of danger. Airbubbl focuses on giving you back control and allowing you to make sure you give your child everything they need to be healthy.

As parents and caregivers work their hardest to protect children from harm, it can seem daunting to know that just breathing in the air in which they live can impact their health in such a large way. Evidence shows that children’s pollution exposure is lowest while they are at home. The risk increases when they are going to learn and play at school every day. However, the Airbubbl can provide an answer for this. Being more aware of the environment that you live and the levels of pollution that surround you is important to keeping your family and yourself healthy. The Airbubbl’s mission is to provide refreshing clean air inside your vehicle, so that you can gain back some of that control you lose. Think about how much time your family spends inside your car. Going to and from school, dance practice, soccer games, parent teacher conferences, or any other of the everyday events that a parent or guardian participates in for the wellbeing of their child. The Airbubbl allows you to utilize this time and make it safer and healthier for your children to breathe, laugh, and live their lives so that you know you are doing everything you can to protect them.

REMOVE TOXIC GASES and make the air in your vehicle easier to breathe


I’ve been a maniac with air pollution for ages. I have an air cleaner device and air purifying bags basically in every room of my house. I use an air ozone generator at my office, and I had different devices in our two cars. I decided to buy my first Airbubbl last December and I immediately noted the difference. It is much more effective, and it covers my driver seat and the two rows of passenger seats (a big SUV!). I just bought my second Airbubbl for my wife’s car.

Maurice Ari

Rated 5 out of 5

It is amazing. Makes a huge difference.

Natasha L.

Rated 5 out of 5

This really works! It was very easy to install and I chose to have it directly behind my headrest on the driver’s side. I can’t recommend one of these enough – anyone who cares about safeguarding their health should have one! I even tested it with a small portable 2.5 particulate monitor which I took with me and found it registered zero throughout! Amazing!


Rated 5 out of 5
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