The Airbubbl is an in-car air purifier that cleans the air while you are driving.

The AirBubbl is the first product to solve the problem of in-car air quality for both particulate matter and gases including NO2. The AirBubbl is a stand-alone product that requires no changes to the car’s ventilation system and is installed very easily in minutes. The AirBubbl is powered using a standard 12v socket or a power bank and is highly intuitive to operate.

Air is drawn into the AirBubbl, cleaned and then directed to the driver and passengers. The AirBubbl uses a unique filtration technique specifically designed to trap particulate matter and NO2, as well as many other air pollutants commonly found in traffic. The design of the AirBubbl ensures that the clean air efficiently reaches all passengers inside the car. It is equipped with two powerful fans that deliver 35m3/h of clean air, which completely cleans the air inside a typical car within minutes.

The AirBubbl is controlled by a button on the device, or via Bluetooth using the AirBubbl app on a smartphone. The filter can be replaced by the user and lasts for approximately 1000 hours1. The AirBubbl app displays filter life and the device will show a warning light when it reaches 750 hours of usage.

The Airbubbl solution

Avoid toxic gases – the Airbubbl is the only type of filter available that can absorb the harmful gases and keep them locked away.

Nano carbon filter The unique activated nano carbon filter removes over 95% of nitrogen dioxide and gaseous pollutants effectively — the only type of filter that can absorb the harmful gases and keep them locked away.
Powerful dual fan The powerful dual fan design delivers clean air directly back to the driver and passengers
Thatcham crash tested headrest attachment Attaches easily to passenger seat headrest using crash tested high strength strap and buckle.

Mobile application IOS and Android app featuring remote control and air flow management statistics. Users can collect achievement badges reflecting the quality of air cleaned in the vehicle
Powerful patented airflow design Vehicle occupants breathe cleaned air faster with Airbubbl due to its patented airflow design
Particle filter Up to 95% of dust, pollen, bacteria, PM2.5 and PM10 are all removed within minutes thanks to the high-grade filter which has been optimized for maximum airflow.

I purchased the airbubbl a few weeks ago. So far, it’s been a very pleasant surprise. Easy to set up and easy to use. I’ve been looking for a product of this kind for a while. The more news I read about pollution and the impact it has on health, the more worried I became. I’m happy that this is working. Hopefully they come up with a similar product for my house.

Elaine Delle

4th November 2019

I used to have headaches every evening after my 30min driving commute. I read somewhere that it could be triggered by pollution which is pretty bad in London. From the first day I used the Airbubbl my headache disappear. I can’t believe what a difference has this made in my life! Highly recommended.

Daniel Armand

5th November 2019

The worst thing that could happen to my twins was heavy traffic. Since they were 3 years old, from one day to another, they started suffering from asthma. After using AIRBUBBL for 7 months, they are happier, and they don’t complain about visiting grandpa. Heavy traffic was not the problem, it was the dirty air they were breathing.

Maddie Abinuman

15th October 2019

This is the best accessory I’ve bought for my car. It was super easy to install and it looks pretty neat. My two kids want to sit in front of the Airbubble. I really feel the air we breathe in the car is cleaner. I wonder if it works indoor as well …

Sarai Murphy

30th September 2019
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