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What does the airbubbl remove?

The airbubbl is the most effective product on the market and has been developed to remove a wide spectrum of air pollutants. The key pollutants the airbubbl removes include ‘gases’; such as nitrogen dioxide, ozone, VOC’s and particulates such as dust, PM2.5, PM10, bacteria and odour.

Yes. At Airlabs we believe it’s not only important to remove pollution from the air, but also to the deliver clean air back to you in the most optimal way possible. Therefore, we have used advanced airflow modelling to create unique outlets for clean air to be pushed directly into the drivers and passengers breathing path.

The airbubbl is superior to existing portable air cleaners for two reasons. The first reason is effectiveness – the majority of portable air cleaners have a focus on particles and are not capable of removing large volumes of gases. They are primarily comprised on a HEPA filter and activated charcoal shavings, which have a low capacity for catching gases. The airbubbl has been created using a re-engineered nano carbon filter that removes over 95% of the gases that pass through it. The second reason is the air delivery – the airbubbl is the only product on the market that not only cleans polluted air but also delivers it directly back to the driver and passengers.

The airbubbl is 31.5 cm in length and 11.7 cm in diameter.

If you would like to remote control the airbubbl, go to the Apple Store or Google Play Store and download the airbubbl app. The airbubbl app also enables you to register your airbubbl, buy a replacement filter and get access to other features.
If you do not want to use the app, you can operate airbubbl manually using the button.

We recommend changing the filter every 6 months, depending on the usage. However, the airbubbl has a filter replacement indicator. If the LED-indicator on the airbubbl starts flashing red, it is time to change the filter. If you are using the airbubbl app, you will receive a notification.

Yes. Although optimally designed for in-car use, the airbubbl is still highly effective outside of the car. It can be used in an office or your child’s room, just make sure to use a plug with a 2.1A USB outlet. We would suggest standing the airbubbl up if it is used outside of the car. This way it will deliver clean air upwards to your mouth.

We are currently speaking to worldwide distributors and if you are interested in distributing the airbubbl in your country then please email us at

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