About Airlabs

Airlabs is an organisation with foundations in atmospheric chemistry and airflow engineering that has been established out of a desire to tackle the huge social problem of air quality in cities across the world. Our work is the result of active collaboration between our team and some of the world’s leading applied environmental research and engineering institutes.

Meet the Team

Marc Ottolini
Marc Ottolini MSc, MBA
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson PhD
Kit Stormont
Kit Stormont MEng
Sophie Power
Sophie Power MA Oxon
Head of Impact
Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones
Commercial Director airbubbl
Hasse Knap
Hasse Knap PhD
Head of Filters
Johan Schmidt
Johan Schmidt PhD
Head of Sensors
Phillip Cunningham
Phillip Cunningham PhD
Head of Airflow Engineering
Carl Meusinger
Carl Meusinger PhD
Head of Product Development
Sertan Christoffersen
Sertan Christoffersen BFA, MA
Head of Design
Amelia Strohsnitter
Amelia Strohsnitter MSc
Head of Operations
Sina Baginski
Sina Baginski
Marketing Coordinator airbubbl
Reza Ansari
Reza Ansari MSc
Airflow Specialist
James Bonomaully
James Bonomaully MSc
Research Associate