A Breath of Fresh Air

Pollution from exhausts… you cannot see, feel, touch or smell it. However it can damage or even kill you. Only Airbubbl cleans ALL the deadly gases and particles that enter your vehicle.

Exhaust Pollution

Exposure to toxic air is far higher inside than outside vehicles

Nitrogen Dioxide can be up to 21% HIGHER

Nitrogen Dioxide can be up to 21% higher

inside a vehicle than outside and at times ten times higher

Levels of Nitrogen Dioxide over 400ug/m3 inside care in traffic are

Levels of Nitrogen Dioxide over 400ug/m3 inside care in traffic are 10 times over the legal limit

TEN TIMES over the legal limit

The equivalent of 180 CIGARETTES

passively smoked every year while sitting in traffic for just ONE HOUR

The Airbubbl effectively removes

of gaseous pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide, within TEN MINUTES

The Airbubbl solution

Avoid toxic gases – the Airbubbl is the only type of filter available that can absorb the harmful gases and keep them locked away.

Nano carbon filter The unique activated nano carbon filter removes up to 95% of nitrogen dioxide and gaseous pollutants effectively — the only type of filter that can absorb the harmful gases and keep them locked away.
Powerful dual fan The powerful dual fan design delivers clean air directly back to the driver and passengers
Crash tested headrest attachment Attaches easily to passenger seat headrest using crash tested high strength strap and buckle.

Mobile application IOS and Android app featuring remote control and air flow management statistics. Users can collect achievement badges reflecting the quality of air cleaned in the vehicle
Powerful patented airflow design Vehicle occupants breathe cleaned air faster with Airbubbl due to its patented airflow design
Particle filter The high-grade particle filter removes particulate matter efficiently. This includes dust, pollen, bacteria, PM2.5 and PM10.

Anyone who drives in any form of traffic will benefit from having an Airbubbl in their car.


Who can benefit?

Short and simple answer… EVERYONE

The Airbubbl has been specifically designed to help people who drive around in urban areas, as high levels of road traffic and public transport lead to unhealthy levels of pollution inside your car.

Especially …



With 12% of air pollution exposure over a year is experienced during commute, the Airbubbl is the ideal solution to help combat this.

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Parents & Carers

Parents & Carers

The Airbubbl is a highly effective way for parents with young children to reduce their exposure to the adverse health effects of Nitrogen Dioxide and airborne pollution.

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Pro Drivers

Professional Drivers

The Airbubbl also protects professional drivers who spend hours in traffic and are constantly exposed to high levels of air pollution.

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Respiratory Sufferers

Respiratory Sufferers

The Airbubbl is a must for asthmatics and children prone to asthma symptoms as it protects from high levels of pollution that cause attacks and short term respiratory difficulties.

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REMOVE TOXIC GASES and make the air in your vehicle easier to breathe


I’ve been a maniac with air pollution for ages. I have an air cleaner device and air purifying bags basically in every room of my house. I use an air ozone generator at my office, and I had different devices in our two cars. I decided to buy my first Airbubbl last December and I immediately noted the difference. It is much more effective, and it covers my driver seat and the two rows of passenger seats (a big SUV!). I just bought my second Airbubbl for my wife’s car.

Maurice Ari

Rated 5 out of 5

It is amazing. Makes a huge difference.

Natasha L.

Rated 5 out of 5

This really works! It was very easy to install and I chose to have it directly behind my headrest on the driver’s side. I can’t recommend one of these enough – anyone who cares about safeguarding their health should have one! I even tested it with a small portable 2.5 particulate monitor which I took with me and found it registered zero throughout! Amazing!


Rated 5 out of 5
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